In Deutschland, choosing a less-than-typical dietary routine can be difficult when you’re looking for authenticity.  In major cities, alternative diets are more trendy, making it easier to find restaurants, street food, and products in stores.  Luckily, my friends and I stayed with a vegetarian Couchsurfing host, and we were able to cook and try several traditional delicious dishes.


Dishes to try

Reibeplätzchen: potato pancakes with onion, egg, and flour

Potato Pancakes

Apple sauce: usually eaten with the potato pancakes.

Apple Sauce

Pumpernickel: rye bread PACKED with fiber, delicious when topped with quark (a strained sour milk) and spring onion.

Pumpernickel and Quark


A special thanks to my friend, Sebastian Bremicker, for teaching me these recipes and for being an awesome Couchsurfing host.