Although most traditional recipes rely heavily on pork and sausage, perhaps the most widely known (and adored) Polish dish comes with an infinite number of vegetarian possibilities: the pierogi. For something more budget-friendly than a restaurant or for a quick snack on the go, hit a bakery, a precel cart, or an outdoor fruit and veg stand.  Poland offers a nice variety of breads and tasty cheeses, as well- try buying a piece of oscypek from an old woman on the street.  Polish cuisine is also pretty reliant on cabbage and beets, making it super easy to get a simple yet awesome salad of those root vegetables-pickled salads of beets, cabbage, onions, carrots, and gerkins are the norm.  Zapiekanka  is a less-healthy, but equally delicious, alternative to the fresh markets, and can be found on most city blocks.

*Important note: in Poland, lunch is the main meal, while dinner typically consists of a few pickled vegetables and tea. *  Keep this in mind when consuming vodka-or, more specifically, vishnovka-with locals.

Dishes (plus a drink) to Try

Chlodnik Zupa: a cold beet soup with dill and a hard-boiled egg.  Not for everyone, but it’s as Polish as you can get.

Chlodnik Zupa

Pierogies: dumplings stuffed with sweet or sharp cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, or combinations of all of the above.  They are amazing when topped with sour cream or apple sauce.  Sweet pierogies are stuffed with fruit and cinnamon, and are glazed with butter and sugar.


Placki ziemniczane z sosem grzybowyn: potato pancakes with meadow mushroom gravy.

Potato Pancakes with Mushroom Gravy

Zapiekanka: a long toasted baguette with cheese, mushrooms, and ketchup.  At some places, you can add whatever you like on top, from thousand island dressing to jalepenos.


Kapusta kiszonky: cooked sour cabbage, a.k.a. sauerkraut.

Cooked sour cabbage salad

Knedle: a dumpling stuffed with fruit and topped with butter and sugar.  The dough in this dumpling is different from pierogi dough.

Knedle sweet dumplings

Oscypek: baked cheese (can be from goats or cows) that is sold by the small wedge on the street by the people who made it.

Oscypek: Polish cheese

Precel: Polish-style pretzel topped with sesame or poppy seeds.  These are sold from carts all over the cities, and cost about $0.48.

Precel stand

Grzane piwo: hot beer with spices and ginger syrup or honey.  Sounds strange, I know, but this drink is the pub favorite on a chilly day.

Hot spiced beer