This year I am set to embark on an adventure I have never attempted before; bicycle touring. In 2014 I headed to Iceland for an intended 4 months volunteering experience, which was unexpectedly shortened to a mere 10 days. But let me assure you, that 10 days was well spent and I ended up falling head over heels in love with the island. Now, determined to drown in the unseen beauty whilst pushing myself to the limit, I plan to head back again and spend 4 weeks pedalling my way around the country, wild camping and cooking my own food as I go. I’ve set a target of spending no more than £1000 on the entire trip. So far it’s turning out pretty cheap – I’ll soon be handed over a free bike and gear – a bike which has already ventured through Spain and will soon be headed across Germany – and there’s a chance I’ll be given free hostel accommodation at the start and end of the ride. The question is, just how cheap can I make this trip? I should also mention that I’ve pledged to raise £500 for TREEAID to aid in the planting of 1 million trees and any money left over from the £1000 will be going straight to the cause.

I’ve never travelled alone before, am yet to experience my first puncture and the furthest I have cycled in a day is 30 miles. With a camera in hand and a short-film project on the go, I hope to capture the local people, the landscape and an honest account of my journey (including the ‘why am I doing this?’ moments!). Why don’t you join me by keeping up to date on my blog:

If you’re in the position to support TREEAID and help me pedal all of those miles, you can find my fundraising page here:

The landscape I fell in love with


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About Kelly

In 2012 Kelly left behind a life of conformity in England and went in search of adventure. So much has happened since then and amongst many incredible experiences mainly involving diving, skiing and mountain climbing, Kelly has found her 3 main passions; writing, photography and travel. So far she is not sure where she will be this time next year but that’s okay, she is in it for the ride! Join her as she blogs her way around the world:

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