Hi.  I’m Leah,


a normal Midwestern girl, born and raised just outside of Detroit,

Tailgating at a University of Michigan football game

who moved away at 18 to go to university in Boston,

Graduation from Northeastern University

who always dreamed of traveling,

I always dreamed of traveling

but thought I’d have to wait until retirement like most people,

A well-deserved two week vacation?

but found an opportunity to get in touch with my ancestral roots in Poland,

Volunteering in Poland

where I met a boy who told me that anything is possible,

"Anything is possible", he said.

and although I wanted to believe him, everything I’d ever known told me “No”,

Trying to say, "No".

and I almost turned down the chance for a great adventure,

I almost said, "No", to adventure

but found a note that had been hidden away in my purse,

A hidden note

and decided to miss my flight,

Missing my flight

and found myself saying “Yes”,

Saying, "Yes"

which led to hitchhiking,


new heights,


trying new foods,

Fresh goat milk in Romania

making new friends,

Pushy new friend in Istanbul

going for a really long bike ride,

Me riding Delilah

drinking in bathtubs,

Drinking in a bathtub at Szimpla, Budapest, Hungary

sleeping outside,

Sleeping in Venice


Learning to fly in Berlin

building a raft,

Rafting the Danube River

finding love in new places,

Love locks in Prague

and overcoming my fear of birds.

Overcoming my fear of birds through flooding desensitization

That’s how my adventure began, but it doesn’t end there.  Welcome to The Vegetarian Traveller- I hope you enjoy my story.

Thanks and enjoy