After spending the summer in Denver, Colorado, I jetted back to the UK once more. While trying to decide on where to move for a while, we began J’s dream project: converting a van. For the past 4.5 years, I’ve heard about J’s childhood dream of building a home on wheels. When his dad was going to get rid of an old work van, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Yeah, we got incredibly lucky in that we didn’t have to buy a vehicle. However, the odd shape of our massive Renault Master proved to be particularly tricky to deal with in some areas. After thought: although it’s possible (as evidenced by this video), it’s probably a hell of a lot easier to convert a different model of van. But hey, we work with what we have and take the good with the bad  challenging. We worked day and night for four weeks, and this is what we were able to accomplish.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty awesome- despite some of my moodier moments when my building partner asked me to stay in the cold warehouse until late in the night (sorry, babe). I must admit that a huge part of our success was a result of J’s handyman skills, but I think I mastered the angle saw eventually.

If you’re dreaming of converting your own camper van and have any questions about the renovation process, give me a shout! I may not be a master craftsman, but I’m pretty alright at laying flooring, choosing paint colors, and building a basic picture frame.

Happy roadtripping!

Video credit, as always: Jamie at GreatBigScaryWorld