After finishing my year of working holiday in Australia, I decided that I wanted to satisfy a lifelong dream of traveling around New Zealand. This turned out to be a horrible negligent (and horrifically unlucky) decision, but I’ll expand on that more in a different post. NZ is right next to Oz, and both of them couldn’t be further away from anywhere that I plan to live long-term. I knew that I’d more than likely not find myself back in that part of the world (at least for a very long time), so I thought it’d be rude not to pay the islands a visit.

J and I thought about the ways that we like to travel: cheap, free (spirited), environmentally-friendly. The way we saw it, there was only one way to get the most out of our NZ trip: cycle it. We started at the southern most tip and planned to get as far north as we could in 6 weeks. Let’s just say that we didn’t get as far as we’d originally hoped.