Even before I quit my life to embark on one of adventure and travel, I loved to cook.  While in college, I embraced my inner chef and lived out delusional daydreams of being on Chopped in my kitchen.  After many weeks of eating from gas stations and corner shops while hitchhiking, J and I decided that we had to find a solution to the food predicament before starting our next adventure, cycling across Europe.  What we found was a brilliant and simple device that had been utilized by Tom Allen, author and star of Janapar (now both a film and a book) and writer at Tom’s Bike Trip, on his adventures: a stove made from an empty beer can.  For the next few months of cross-continental cycling and rafting the Danube River, my companions and I cooked dozens of delicious meals with this stove and rarely relied on convenience stores again.

So that’s why I wrote, “The Beer Can Cookbook”: to help you (and others like you) understand that you can still eat well while en route and on a budget. In this book, I discuss how to create, maintain, and store your beer can stove, in addition to detailing many of my quick and easy recipes for the road…or the river-  after all, happy tummies make for happy travelers.   You can download a free copy below in either Kindle or PDF format.  All I ask is that if you find this book at all helpful or useful, please share it via social media buttons on this site or by word of mouth.  Also, if you find the book useful, please leave a review for future readers on the Amazon site.  This is the largest project I’ve done independently and would really appreciate the support.  Let me know what you think.!


Happy travels!

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