2012 was a big year for me: it was when I decided to quit my job and my life to travel the world.  I hitchhiked, had my first go at cycling, saw places that I’d never even dreamed of, and met people that I’ll never forget.  Once I left, every day was a special day that I remember fondly, but here are the days that shine the most.

Ziplining through the jungle in Roatan, Honduras.  At the end, I got to play with a cheeky little monkey.

Honduras Monkey

Last night of Angloville in rural Poland, a few days before I quit my job in the U.S.


Walking through Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia


Visiting the Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic

Lennon Wall

Hitchhiking in Bulgaria with a box of wine; it was also the day that my good friend, Daniel, re-joined our adventure


Exploring the Istanbul Prince Islands

Prince Islands

First successful cycle across an English county: even though it was only 30 miles, it was also in the pouring rain


Christmas morning in the English countryside